10 Things We Learned From Matthew McConaughey On The Joe Rogan Experience

8. How He Was Raised By His Parents

McConaughey Rogan
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When discussing whether he believed in fear or not, McConaughey confessed that he openly feared every single day. However, it's the "overcoming of the fear" that's most important and valuable.

Following on from this, he also revealed that as a kid he was raised in a "physical discipline family". Instead of getting grounded, himself and his siblings "got the belt". His parents felt that if they grounded their children it would take away their time, which was the most valuable thing to them.

McConaughey later admitted that he hasn't raised his kids in a similar way but he absolutely doesn't regret any "ass-whooping" he got from his parents as he "earned every one (he) got" and learned important lessons in the process.

This also led to the actor shedding more light on the way his family approached grudges and getting in trouble. McConaughey stated that they got their physical discipline out of the way, never spoke of the trouble again and would also get to go to their favourite burger place in the wake of the drama. The kids actually got in more trouble if they brought something back up post-discipline as he noted that "you could not go to sleep in our family holding a grudge."

Though physically disciplining a child is widely accepted to be anything but OK in 2020, the actor was raised in a different time. Yet, the McConaughey's approach to holding grudges still seems like a healthy way of living today.


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