10 Things We Learned From Robert Downey Jr On Joe Rogan's Podcast

10. His Eyesight Is Going

Literally as soon as Joe Rogan kicked off the whole thing, the pair were discussing how RDJ's eyesight was starting to dwindle.

After admitting that he tried the first pair just to see what the difference would be, RDJ confessed that he kept upping his lenses to the point that he now has more spectacles than he can count.

This may genuinely come as a surprise to fans who thought that RDJ simply wore his eclectic specs as a bit of a fashion statement.

Despite the obvious impedance, he has managed to see the lighter side of his diminishing sense and poked fun at having to make the most obscure faces imaginable in order to read everyday trivial things such as labels and prescriptions.

He may still boast the looks of a man ten years his junior, but time sadly waits for no man...not even Iron Man...sorry.


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