10 Things We Loved About Pre-MCU Comic Book Movies

8. Adaptations Of Comics Not Based On Superheroes

DreamWorks Pictures

While films based on superheroes from the major publishers were enjoying a second renaissance at the box office, some studios were savvy enough to obtain the movie rights to obscure comic books from smaller indie companies.

As a result, there was an abundance of interesting movies made by up-and-coming directors that often improved upon the source material and earned widespread critical acclaim.

Some notable films produced during this period included the likes of Sam Mendes' Road To Perdition. Based on an a little known comic by Max Allan Collins, this exceptionally well made crime film was released in the summer of 2002 and was a demonstration that comic books offered more than just capes and cowls.

Other adaptations based on indie comics such as American Splendour and Ghost World further illustrated the cinematic potential of comic book movies.


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