10 Things We Need To See In HBO Harry Potter Series

With HBO Max looking into a Harry Potter series, what can we hope to expect?

Harry Potter HBO Max
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HBO Max and Warner Brothers are rumoured to be thinking of a new Harry Potter series for the streaming service. While there is no confirmation yet on anything concrete, this seems like a good time to go through the elements that we feel are absolutely necessary for the show.

In general, the Harry Potter franchise has been faithful to the source material, while excising large chunks of story to streamline the pace. That concern isn't as strict with a tv series as with more episodes to work with, there is more room to expand and cover more topics. This means that any new series could easily go back to fill in the gaps that the movies left.

While unconfirmed, the idea that this series would also not be a direct adaptation is exciting as well. It opens the door for stories to come together, for characters who never met to interact and, grim as this sounds, others who escaped the novels fairly unscathed could be put through the ringer. Mostly though, it means that the writers are not confined to either the time that the novels are set or the structure of that story that they present. Therefore, these examples on this list can and should make an appearance along the way.

10. Peeves The Poltergeist

Harry Potter HBO Max
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Peeves the Poltergeist appeared in all seven of the Harry Potter novels, acting as an agent of chaos in any scene he was in. Only the Blood Baron, the resident ghost of Slytherin house, was able to control him, although he never dared to insult Professor Dumbledore, which was a courtesy he didn't extend to acting-Headmistress Dolores Umbridge.

Although he was never a main character in the novels, Peeves was cast and portrayed by Rik Mayall for the first film. All of his scenes were cut from the film, which means that the HBO Max series would be a fantastic opportunity to revisit this character. Peeves would be a great way to introduce an exploration of the natures of death and afterlife in the Potter universe.

What is it that causes Peeves to become a poltergeist at all? Or was he ever alive to begin with? Rowling has suggested that poltergeists are an amalgamation of disruptive energy but again, why? And is it simply the magic in the walls that attracts him to Hogwarts? Understanding Peeves is a step closer to understanding the mysteries of death in the Potter universe, while still avoiding any heavier depictions if the show is aimed at younger viewers.

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