10 Things You Definitely Googled After Watching These Horror Films

Wait, those murder vacations in Hostel were actually real all along?

Hostel Eli Roth

Here at WhatCulture, we, much like your good selves, love nothing more than sitting down with a great horror movie.

For anyone who's ever dabbled even semi-regularly with the world of horror, though, there are those times where you end up with far more questions than answers by the time a horror offering comes to a close. Those questions can of course relate to the plot of the movie, or they can also relate to things away from what you've just seen play out on your screen. Either way, questions, questions, questions are soon the order of your day.

Thankfully, these days we all have the power to answer any possible question imaginable with just a few choice clicks on our favourite trusty devices. Whatever your device of choice is, all of the knowledge in the history of mankind is all nicely nestled a mere Google search - other search engines are available - away.

With all of this in mind, then, here are ten horror movies that had so many of us heading straight to Google for the answers to the heavy hitting questions that really matter.

10. Hostel – Do These Places Actually Exist?

Hostel Eli Roth
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Eli Roth's 2005 Hostel is one of the movies cited as being the launching point for what would become known as torture porn. Gratuitous violence from every angle, the horrors at play in Hostel and its subsequent two sequels (yes, there really was a third...) are enough to turn the stomach of even the most staunch of horror hounds.

This trio of films largely centres on the Elite Hunting Club, with this organisation offering the chilling service of auctioning off young tourists to the highest bidder. Upon winning these auctions, the successful bidder then gets to do whatever they want to their traumatised victim - be that drilling holes in their knee caps, taking a circular saw to their head, cutting out their internal organs, or hanging them upside down from the ceiling and slashing away at them with a scythe.

After a first watch of the original Hostel, you may find yourself having the urge to Google just whether something as ludicrous-sounding as the Elite Hunting Club could ever possible exist.

The chilling truth is that, yes, similar organisations exist across the globe. In fact, writer/director Eli Roth was inspired to make Hostel after discovering such 'murder holidays' online. Why Roth was searching for that sort of thing, who knows - but either way, the grim reality is that similar antics to those seen in the Hostel trilogy really do happen.

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