10 Things You Didn't Know About Alicia Vikander

9 movies in 2015 alone. Where did this girl come from?

Alicia Vikander is going to be huge. Heck, she's already huge. The beautiful Swedish actress might seem like a new face to many people, due to her recent - and downright brilliant - turn as android Ava in Alex Garland's modern sci-fi masterpiece, Ex Machina. But Vikander has been offering up fine performances for a number of years now, as her reputation for cool, ethereal, and intelligent roles grows. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Alicia Vikander first came to public attention when she appeared on a soap opera called Andra Avenyn in her native land. Her film acting debut came with Pure, and was critically praised; it led to further roles in films such as A Royal Affair opposite Mads Mikkelsen, and in Joe Wright's adaptation of Anna Karenina. Now, following acclaimed performances in both the adaptation of Testament of Youth and sci-fi sleeper hit Ex Machina, she's on the rise (not to mention the fact that she's dating Michael Fassbender - though in this case, he's the lucky one). So you better get used to the idea of this actress playing lead parts in pretty much everything, ever, from now on; Vikander is on the path to becoming one the hottest actresses in Hollywood, with roles in an insane number of upcoming flicks. 2015 is set to be her year entirely - no other actor comes close to offering such an eclectic mix of films. To celebrate this rising star, then, and her wonderfully nuanced performance in Ex Machina (out now, so go see it), here are 10 things you didn't know about Alicia Vikander...

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