10 Things You Didn’t Know About Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer did NOT have fun on set...

In 1992, Tim Burton's deliciously dark Batman Returns graced cinema screens for the first time, pushing Gotham€™s Caped Crusader even further in gothic fare, and would go on to inspire a whole host of imitators. Nowadays, film fans look back at Batman Returns as one of the greatest cinematic treats from the ever-growing superhero genre... But despite the praise that€™s heaped on it today, the film faced more than its fair share of woes, both during production and after the film had been released. Despite being a big financial success, it was also the film that effectively lost Tim Burton the Batman franchise to the camp colourfulness of Joel Schumacher€™s contrasting vision. There were also troubles on set, casting problems and hefty script edits before the film made it in to cinemas. Famous characters ended up on the cutting room floor, and there was some big backlash upon the film's release. Despite it all, it's gone on to be legitimately cherished and incredibly famous, but what might you not have known about the classic, dark sequel?

10. The 1960s Penguin Was Nearly In It

Burgess Meredith €“ who played The Penguin in the famous Adam West-starring Batman TV series of the 1960s €“ very nearly wound up with a role in Batman Returns. He was asked to play Oswald Cobblepot€™s father, who abandons a young version of Danny DeVito€™s character at the start of the film but unfortunately had to pass due to illness. You can still see the influence of the classic Batman series on Burton€™s Bat-sequel, though. The major plot point that Oswald runs for mayor in Batman Returns is a direct lift from the 1966 episodes Hizzoner The Penguin and Dizzoner The Penguin. Additionally, in one scene DeVito€™s Penguin spits a cigarette out of his mouth €“ a clear nod to Meredith€™s chain-smoking version of the character. In the end, the role of Penguin€™s father would go to Pee-Wee Herman actor Paul Reubens. In an interesting turn of events, Reubens will soon play the dad of Oswald Cobblepot €“ now portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor €“ once again, in the Gotham TV series.

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