10 Things You Didn't Know About Kristen Stewart

2. She Got Her Break After Being Spotted In A School Play

Most aspiring actors have probably fantasised about being scouted in a play or an amateur production at some point in their careers, because who wouldn't want their big break to happen in such a fashion? Whilst such things rarely occur in this manner (most actors are forced to put in years and years of groundwork), Kristen Stewart was one of the the lucky ones: she was literally discovered by an agent whilst appearing in her elementary school Christmas play. Though it took a year of auditioning for her to nail even the tiniest part (in a Disney Channel TV movie, no less - and with no lines), it was this fateful moment that steered her towards future successes. Her first feature film role, then? Was it a miraculous tour-de-force performance that cemented her as a talent to watch? Did it break down the barriers of what people think they know about "child actors"? Uh, not quite...

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