10 Things You Didn't Know About Kristen Stewart

1. Her First Film Role Was In That Awful Flintstones Movie Sequel

Everybody has to start somewhere, right? So despite being scouted in that now fateful school play, Stewart didn't exactly wind up as a Hollywood superstar overnight. Before she found success with the Twilight franchise, where her naturally broody disposition proved perfect for the likes of Bella Swan, the actress found herself playing a brief role in the very awful Flintstones movie sequel, Viva Rock Vegas, which is exactly as terrible as it sounds (seriously: never watch it). Her role? She's credited as "Ring Toss Girl." Yep: in one very, very brief scene (one in which you can hardly see her face), a ten-year-old Kristen Stewart can be glimpsed throwing a large ring over a caveman at a fair. The issue here is that it's only possible to view the back of her head, which didn't exactly help the actress towards success overnight. Still, she presumably had a great day on set dressing up in that prehistoric garb.

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