10 Things You Didn't Know About Kristen Stewart

8. Her Favourite Book Is East Of Eden/Her Favourite Film Is A Woman Under The Influence

Just like everybody on the planet, Kristen Stewart has her favourites. Her favourite book, then, is John Steinbeck's classic, East of Eden, which was famously made into a motion picture starring the likes of James Dean. The novel itself, which won a Nobel prize, tells the interwoven stories between two families, and has often been described as one of the great American novels. And given its sense of Americana, it's no wonder that Stewart has been drawn towards similarly themed film projects such as On the Road. Stewart's favourite film, on the other hand, is John Cassavete's 1974 picture A Woman Under the Influence, which stars Gena Rowlands as a woman whose behaviour forces her husband to commit her for psychiatric treatment. The movie explores the effects that this has on their relationship and family. The film is especially noted for Rowland's tour-de-force performance - one that Stewart has likely taken inspiration from across many roles.

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