10 Things You Didn't Know About Maika Monroe

5. As A Youngster She Wanted To Be A Veterinarian

Every kid needs to learn the value of money and a hard day's work, and long before she ever became an actress, Maika's first job was as simple as walking dogs while she interned at a veterinarian hospital, because that's the career she intended to go into. Fate naturally had other plans, however. On her experience there, Maika said, €œI did internships at veterinarian hospitals, so I witnessed surgeries and I even saw a cat get put down, which was one of the worst things ever. I realized that I could not live with the regret that vets must have €” how do they sleep at night?€ Well, she's certainly not wrong. Who can blame her for opting for the world of make-believe filmmaking over the harsh realities of the real world?
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