10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cabin In The Woods

10. Its Multiple Delays Were A Blessing In Disguise

Cabin In The Woods Joss Whedon Drew Goddard

The Cabin In The Woods was originally shot in 2009 and intended for release in February of 2010, but it didn't actually come out until April 2012.

Generally when a movie suffers that kind of delay it isn't a good sign for its chances of eventual success. In the case of Cabin, though, Whedon and Goddard have since admitted that the delay may actually have been good for the film.

Studio MGM initially delayed the movie to cash-in on the craze for 3D a decade ago, pushing Cabin's release back to 2011 to allow for a post-production 3D conversion in spite of the objections of the film's makers who had never conceived of it as a 3D experience.

Ultimately, they received a reprieve from having to retroactively add an extra dimension when the post-production process was halted by MGM going into bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this left Cabin on the hook without a release date in sight.

When it was finally picked up by another studio, Lionsgate, however, it was with a far greater enthusiasm for and understanding of the movie than MGM ever had, allowing Goddard and Whedon to complete it without any of the cuts MGM were pushing.

Besides, with Chris Hemsworth being cast as Thor during shooting for Cabin, by the time the movie eventually came out it was with the benefit of featuring a newly minted A-lister.


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