10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cabin In The Woods

9. You Were Supposed To Think That You'd Accidentally Wandered Into The Wrong Theatre

Cabin In The Woods

One of the big objections that The Cabin In The Woods' original backers at MGM had was with the sense that the plot thread involving the office drones at the Facility belonged in a different movie to the horny teens getting picked off one-by-one pitch. That, though, was entirely the intention.

Goddard has noted that opening the film on Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford as white collar workers engaging in small talk about the office betting pool was specifically designed to make audiences who had bought tickets for a youth-focused backwoods horror think that they had accidentally walked into a screen showing a different film.

Whedon described this opener as "one of the favourite things that we accomplished", establishing from the start that there was more going on than audiences might have expected, as well as beginning by placing us in the mindset of the Facility workers as just ordinary people doing their jobs.

The MGM executives, however, also thought that this opening scene might make people unsure whether they were watching the right movie and became deeply concerned that audiences would be confused or even walk out.

Of course, Goddard and Whedon won out in the end, giving us a suitably idiosyncratic starting point to a different kind of horror film.


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