10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cabin In The Woods

7. Sigourney Weaver Was Really Into Werewolves

Sigourney Weaver

If anybody in the cast should have been allowed some sweet wolf intimacy, though, perhaps it should have been Sigourney Weaver, if her devoted werewolf enthusiasm is anything to go by.

From the start of writing the script that would eventually become The Cabin In The Woods, Goddard and Whedon knew that the pivotal role of the Director in the final scene would be an excuse for a cameo from a genre icon. Jamie Lee Curtis was strongly considered, but once she found out she would get to appear in a movie with a werewolf Weaver instead jumped at the chance.

That Weaver only did the movie because she had always wanted to co-star with a werewolf was not a throwaway gag either. As soon as she arrived on set she was eagerly asking Goddard when the werewolf would be showing up.

She even expressed great disappointment to the director that nobody sat with the werewolf during the lunch break.

Richard Cetrone, the actor who portrayed the werewolf, was also beneath the prosthetics for the fan-favourite merman. But, while Whitford's Hadley was desperate to see the latter, it was only the lycanthrope that Weaver had eyes for.


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