10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cabin In The Woods

8. The Wolf Had A Sweet, Sugary Tongue

The Cabin in the Woods

Disgusting, sexy or "they think the wolf is going to eat her face" was how Whedon described the various reactions to the Truth or Dare scene in which Anna Hutchison's Jules makes out with a taxidermy wolf's head, all reactions that he was happy to elicit.

As you can imagine, though, the scene promised to be less of a thrill for Hutchison, who was unsure when reading the script of exactly how the scene would eventually be staged.

Those wolf kisses were sweeter than Hutchison might have expected, though, because prop master Dan Sissons coated the detachable silicon tongue in powdered sugar. It served to make the taxidermy look dusty but also made the experience of tangling tongues with the wall-mounted beast a lot more pleasurable for the actress.

"The best kisser I ever had in a film? That wolf is up there", Hutchison would later say of the experience.


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