10 Things You Didn't Know About The Mad Max Trilogy

10. Stuntman Grant Page Performed With A Broken Leg

If you're a general action movie fan then chances are you'll thoroughly enjoy the Mad Max trilogy. If you're a fan of action movies full of car chases then you'll find yourself in heaven - few action films in the history of cinema do quite as much damage to automobiles as the Mad Max series. Movie stuntmen aren't exactly known for being wimps - their job is doing all the dangerous stuff that wimpy actors are too afraid of tackling themselves (often for good reason, since stuntmen are occasionally known to die for their art). Getting injured is a par for the course if you're required to crash cars or jump out of them while they're moving, so breaking a leg is commonplace. Breaking your leg and continuing to perform stunts, however, is another level of commitment to the craft entirely - this is what happened to stuntman Grant Page. Ironically, he broke his leg on the way to the set, not during filming - after putting on the cast he arrived for work and pulled off one of the best stunts in the film, as Max's car flies through a camper van.

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