10 Things You Learn Revisiting Star Trek: First Contact For First Contact Day

April 5th, 2063 is the day Humanity first encounters the Vulcans. They made a little film about it!

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Star Trek First Contact is easily the best of the Next Generation era films, standing head and shoulders above the others thanks to superior writing, acting and effects. It's got a truly engaging story with chills and thrills for all concerned. Even now, almost 25 years after its initial release, it finds new audiences thanks to the return of Picard on the small screen.

The film was important for many reasons. It expanded on the assimilation storyline from the Best of Both Worlds. It gave us the new Enterprise. It returned the Borg to a truly frightening and seemingly unstoppable force. It even tied the three franchises entries of the time together. Alice Krige entered the lists of superior Star Trek villains as the unsettling and erotic Borg Queen.

With a lot to cover in a short space of time, the film's pacing and delivery was the best of the four films starring Patrick Stewart et al. While the Wrath of Khan may still rank as the best overall Trek film, this film, along with the Undiscovered Country, make a trifecta of truly excellent film making, displaying the darker side of the Utopian future.

On the anniversary of First Contact, this list offers a few key points to both take away and enjoy from the eighth entry in the Star Trek film saga.


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