10 Things You Need To Know About Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4

6. Carnage Might Also Have Been On Board


Don't count your chickens before they hatch, however, because there were contemporary rumours that The Vulture, his Vulturess and The Lizard weren't enough. Supposedly Raimi figured the amount of bad guys in a film had to correlate to the title, because the bloated Spider-Man 4 script featured four villains.

Having introduced the idea of the alien symbiote with Venom in the third film, the follow-up was going to adapt the next stage in that storyline: the creation of a separate symbiote, €œborn€ from Venom, which attaches itself to serial killer Cletus Kassady and becomes the villain Carnage! Which, presumably, was mostly more set-up for the mooted Venom movie €“- where they hoped to pit the two symbiote-clad loonies against each other €“- but would've almost certainly also tipped Spider-Man 4 into an even bigger mess than 3. A chilling thought.


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