10 Things You Only Notice Rewatching Snyder's DCEU Movies

Zack Snyder isn’t the perfect director, but he’s always known his way around a good visual.

Batman V Superman ACE
Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder helmed three DCEU movies and while multiple viewings of them won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s some fantastic hidden details if you persist.

Before he had to step away from Justice League in tragic circumstances after the death of his daughter, Snyder made Man Of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and at least part Justice League. Well, all of it, if you believe his Cut was basically 100% done...

At that point, Joss Whedon stepped in but apparently tried to change as little as possible, despite expensive reshoots and a consistent clamouring from fans for the original Snyder Cut. There’s even a little reference to Whedon filling in to be found here.

While Snyder does have a reputation for dealing with big explosions and sleek visuals more than he necessarily does for coherent storytelling, some of the details here are surprisingly nuanced. Several go across movies, hint at deeper themes or suggest long running threads.

Others, admittedly, are just nice visual Easter eggs which had initially been overshadowed by the main on screen carnage, but Snyder has a considerable range of hidden details.

10. Joss Whedon Tried

Batman V Superman ACE
Warner Bros.

Speaking of Joss Whedon stepping in, there’s a nice little nod to this fact in the opening credits. Just after Whedon’s name flashes on screen, we see a homeless man holding a cardboard sign which says ‘I Tried’.

Snyder himself obviously didn’t have a hand in this, as he’d stepped away by this point. However, Whedon may not have been in on it either. Though directors typically oversee the whole movie - you know, they’re in charge of its direction - opening credits don’t always fall under this remit. It may have been put in at his request, or might just have been the titles staff having some fun.

It could always be both, too. While Whedon may not have intended for the message to flash up right after his name, it’s clearly intentional to have the film open with ‘I Tried’.

Though Whedon did a good job with his two Avengers movies (the first in particular) he wasn’t a universally popular choice. Either because of fanboyism or the vast differences between his style and Snyder’s, there would always be something to complain about. But hey, he tried.


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