10 Thrilling Predictions For Blade In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Could the OG Daywalker return in a brand new role?

Blade Wesley Snipes
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“Sooner or later, the thirst always wins.” This statement is true in respect to fans’ thirst for more of the infamous daywalker Blade. Years after the original franchise ended, Marvel Studios announced at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con that two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali will portray Blade in the MCU.

After two great films and one beset by some of the most entertaining productions issues EVER in Trinity, it's time the daywalker returned and it looks to be in great hands.

Blade’s return to the big screen is a win-win for both the fans and the MCU. Fans crave new Blade adventures and the MCU needs to keep tackling new genres to stay innovative and avoid audience disinterest.

The original Blade trilogy was ahead of its time, grossing over $415 million at the global box office. The MCU now has an exciting opportunity to further raise the bar for superhero adaptations by incorporating supernatural stories into its expanding universe. With much to look forward to, let’s explore the possibilities for Blade’s thrilling future.

10. Blade Will Fight Dracula In A Sequel

Blade Wesley Snipes
Marvel Comics

Dracula is one of Blade’s signature villains in the comics, serving as a recurring adversary for the vampire hunter. Based on his status in both Marvel comics and pop culture, Dracula will arrive to challenge Blade.

While it is risky to adapt a character who has been used so many times in various forms of media, the MCU’s adaptation of Thor illustrates how to incorporate a character with public domain origins into a shared cinematic universe and make him unique. The MCU can put their own stamp on the Dracula character by drawing from the source material of the comics.

The aforementioned Curse of the Mutants storyline provides a strong framework for a modern interpretation of Dracula. In this storyline, the X-Men and Blade team up to fight against Dracula’s son Xarus, who supplanted his father as the leader of the vampire sects.

Dracula’s warrior mindset and willingness to play nice with the good guys if the situation calls for it makes for a well-rounded villain in the vein of Loki. Incorporating elements of this storyline into a film also presents an opportunity to explore juxtaposition between Dracula’s rocky relationship with his son Xarus and Blade’s nurturing relationship with his father figure Jamal Afari.

Dracula does not have Baron Blood’s novelty or Varnae’s millennia of experience, but he is the most famous vampire of them all, and that alone earns him the right to battle with Blade on the big screen one more time.

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