10 Times Actors Had Personal Reasons For Taking Film Roles

10. Gregory Peck Did The Omen To Cope With His Son's Suicide

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When one hears the name Gregory Peck, their mind typically drifts to the human embodiment of morality: Atticus Finch. Peck's portrayal of the Southern lawyer and nurturing father figure is so memorable he's still seen as a fictional civil rights icon.

Few people leap straight to his starring turn in Richard Donner's 1976 film The Omen, as Peck was not typically associated with the horror genre. At that point, the closest he'd come was playing a defense attorney mercilessly harassed by former client Robert Mitchum in Cape Fea

The Omen was released in the mid-70s religious horror niche-era post The Exorcist, and many have claimed the set itself was cursed, with both Peck and screenwriter David Seltzer's separate planes struck by lightning, Rottweilers attacking their trainers, and Donner's hotel suffering an IRA bombing, among other incidents.

But Peck's involvement is perhaps the saddest and most tragic chapter. Taking on the role of a tortured father who may well be raising the Devil's spawn drew him in due to his own guilt over being absent when his own child, Johnathon, took his own life in 1975.

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