10 Times Actors Were PISSED OFF At Film Premieres

Even the cast didn't know who Keyser Soze was.

Movie premieres are supposed to be glitzy nights of grand celebration, as a film's cast and crew reunites to view their hard work together for the first time, typically in front of a thousands-strong audience.

Though actors who maintain close relationships with their directors are often allowed to view in-progress versions of their work, sometimes actors will be left entirely in the dark for one reason or another.

As a result, it's not that uncommon for actors to see their movie for the first time at the premiere, only to discover that it isn't at all what they expected.

Whether the actor's role was significantly altered without their blessing, they realised they'd starred in an embarrassing dud, or their work was straight-up laughed at by the premiere audience, these 10 performers were all left fuming when they first set eyes upon one of their movies.

In most cases the actor's frustration is at least understandable, though there are a couple of cases where it's simply their own oversized ego running amok...


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