10 Times Actors Were PISSED OFF At Film Premieres

10. Adrien Brody Wasn't Told His Role Was Mostly Cut - The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line Adrien Brody

Though it's fair to say that Terrence Malick has a reputation for ruthlessly cutting actors from his movies if the feeling strikes him - and it does, a lot - the filmmaker didn't gain this notoriety until the release of his classic 1998 war epic The Thin Red Line.

You see, while the movie was being shot, Adrien Brody believed that his character, Corporal Fife, was the protagonist, as was clearly indicated by Malick's script.

But when Brody attended the film's premiere, he was gobsmacked to discover that his "main" role had been cut down to just a few scant lines across roughly five minutes of screen time.

Post-production was arduous even for Malick's experimental standards, spending seven months producing the first five-hour cut of the film, after which he no longer felt that Fife's story was the correct focus.

Brody has maintained his frustration with Malick in interviews, saying:

"I was so focused and professional, I gave everything to it, and then to not receive everything…in terms of witnessing my own work. It was extremely unpleasant because I’d already begun the press for a film that I wasn’t really in. Terry obviously changed the entire concept of the film. I had never experienced anything like that...You know the expression 'Don’t believe the hype'? Well, you shouldn’t."

Still, Brody should consider himself grateful he made it into the movie at all, given that his co-stars Bill Pullman, Lukas Haas, and Mickey Rourke had their roles omitted entirely.

The net positive, at least, is that most actors only sign onto Malick movies nowadays with the understanding that there's no guarantee they'll actually get to see their completed performance.


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