10 Times An Actor Went On An INSANE Streak Of Great Movies

Nailing a streak of hits is hard work, but it isn't impossible!

Al Pacino Serpico

Many actors have put out amazing films over the years, but for most people in the industry, getting a hit is a lot of hard work. Even projects that have a great team behind them with all the hopes in the world don't always make the critics and fans happy, which is why producing a streak of hits is so difficult to achieve.

A streak of Hollywood hits requires four or more subsequent films in an actor's filmography to achieve at least an 80% approval rating on RottenTomatoes or they don't qualify even if the film was a box office success upon release.

Movies that went on to become cult classics or beloved favorites in retrospect won't count towards an actors streak of hits since the film had to perform well when it was released. Because of this, some actors whose streaks you may have thought went on for years may have only spanned one or two.

It's a lot harder than you might think to nail four performances in a row that went on to achieve "hit" status, but there are some actors who have made such an achievement. These ten were the most successful of them all beginning with the lowest count to the highest.

10. Eddie Murphy: Four Films From 1982 - 1984

Al Pacino Serpico
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The Films: 48 Hrs., Trading Places, Delirious, and Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy may have gotten his start at an early age on the set of Saturday Night Live, but the comic didn't remain on the small screen for long. Using his stardom from the show, Murphy successfully made the transition to the silver screen and racked up a number of hits over the course of his 40+ year-long career.

To be fair, Murphy has starred in a few duds, but most of his movies that failed at the box office went on to become cult classics garnering millions of fans.

That being said, this list is all about streaks and looking back at Murphy's filmography, he holds an important distinction over every other person on this list: his first film kicked off his longest streak.

Back in 1982, Eddie Murphy starred alongside Nick Nolte in a buddy-cop action flick called 48 Hrs. That movie was a massive hit when it came out, which is why Murphy found employment in three subsequent hits. Trading Places, Delirious, and Beverly Hills Cop, which were some of the best films in his early career. Technically, Eddie Murphy: Delirious was a stand-up act, but it was released as a feature film, which qualifies it for this list.

Ultimately, his streak was undone by one many fans today love, The Golden Child.


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