10 Times Batman Acted Like A Horror Movie Villain

9. Batman Brands His Victims - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman Begins Nightmare Batman
Warner Bros. Pictures

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theatres, many long-time fans of the Caped Crusader found Zack Snyder's interpretation of the character much too dark. Besides apparently forgetting his mantra to never kill, Batman took an almost sadistic joy in punishing the criminals he came across, branding the more heinous ones with the Bat-symbol so fellow inmates could later dispense prison-yard retribution on them.

Snyder set the table for his more vicious Batman early on in his superhero team-up film. When we first see the Caped Crusader in action, he is shot in a way that makes him look like a horror movie monster.

When police arrive to discover the aftermath of Batman busting up a human trafficking ring, the people Bats ostensibly saved appear more terrified of the hero than their persecutors. Then, when police discover the human trafficker branded with the Bat-symbol, the camera pans over to reveal Batman hiding in the corner like a vampire. He crawls on the roof out of the room in a move that would feel at home in a Hereditary sequel.

This early scene firmly establishes that this Batman is much more sinister and disturbing than other iterations of the character, which fits well with his later role as Superman's antagonist in the movie.


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