10 Times Comic Book Movies Made Us Cry

The Emotional Sucker Punch.

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man crying
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The era of superheroes has certainly come a long way from your standard action movie. From the tear-inducing moments of the MCU, to the tragic moments of DC's finest superheroes, the entire scope of comic book films has a lot more heartfelt moments than most probably remember. They may just be there to keep the movie grounded, but there were many times when the tears were all too real.

Whether it's the departure of a character we had just started to love, or the end of an era for our protagonist, every one of these scenes have left die hard movie buffs in shambles. It's hard enough learning to love these people throughout the two hours or so that you see them onscreen, but to see it all come crashing down can be even more brutal.

Even with all the powers in the world at our disposal, not even the strongest characters can save us from the emotional gut punch that each of these films inflicted upon us. From the tragic endings of our youth to the misty eyed moments of today, this is just a small assortment of scenes that only the most jaded of moviegoers should take on.

Keep the tissues handy... this one's going to hurt.

10. I had a date... - Captain America The First Avenger

The MCU has certainly come a long way from the spotty beginnings of Phase 1. While movies like Infinity War and Endgame feel like large scale cinematic events, the early years of the cinematic universe just seemed like good-natured fun from one movie to the next. There may have been some cartoony moments back in the day, but Captain America's debut made for one of the most sobering moments in the franchise.

We all knew that Cap would need to take a little ice-cold bath if he were to be in the Avengers, but the emotional turmoil that comes with losing Peggy Carter is a lot more heartfelt than many expected. As Steve guides Red Skull's ship into the water, he makes plans with Peggy to take her out dancing, only to have the ship make impact before he can finish his conversation.

That's already heavy as it is, but when he starts losing his mind when he arrives in the future, the welcome back from Nick Fury is a little too bittersweet for Steve to handle. When Fury asks if he's okay, Steve sadly utters "Yeah... I just had a date." With no real closure to speak of (at least not yet), the end of the Cap's first outing is one of the most tragic backstories for one of the Avenger's greatest heroes.


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