10 Times Directors Projected Their Strange Fetishses In Mainstream Movies

Everything from bugs to bathrooms. They are all here.

Everyone has their odd fascinations, preferences, or fetishes. A fetish isn't necessarily sexual: a fetish is something a person believes has a certain power or has a very special value to them. That can be an object, a situation, or even a person or part of a person. In religion, for instance, there are many objects of fetish, most notably in religions like native American religion, or Voodoo, where animals and wooden carvings are fetishes. Directors have these odd fascinations and fetishes as well. Some, even the most famous, make a point of projecting them in their movies, almost like a homage. Sometimes, it's not so easy to spot, but fetishes really become noticeable when they recur film after film. Most of the time, however, their fetishes don't have anything to do with religion, and can be a little bit odd. Somehow the directors know to seamlessly incorporate their objects of fascination into their films, even when it has nothing to do with the rest of it. If you think about it, that's quite commendable on its own. Next, we list ten examples of mainstream movies in which directors projected their odd fascinations and fetishes.

10. Guillermo Del Toro - Slime and Bugs

Already in his first movie, Cronos (1993), Del Toro presented his weird fascination for slime and bugs (and slimy bugs). Even if a movie of his didn't have any bugs, he would still show some (or loads of) slime, at some point. For instance, in Hellboy and Hellboy II, where instead of slimy bugs there are slimy demons and monsters. Del Toro's fascination for slimy bugs was probably most artfully projected in Pan's Labyrinth (2006). Aside from it being visually stunning, in this movie, a fairy preying mantis and slimy humanoid fairies play big roles in the movie and a giant slimy, slime hurling toad is key to the plot.

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