10 Times DVD Extras Lost Their Mind

How a DVD helped solve a murder case.

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To most people right now, using a DVD is a thing of the past - as we live in an age where you find find just about anything via either a subscription to something like Netflix, or by just googling it.

And while this is mostly a great thing, it's not without downsides: like the death of the humble DVD extra. Seeing commentary or recorded footage from behind the scenes of a film was always an exciting concept, since you liked the film enough to buy a DVD of it in the first place.

It always felt like a weirdly kind gesture, too - as someone in the production team thought people would like an extra feature so much they had it added in. Even if it was a totally sub-par game you had to use your remote to awkwardly control, you can still appreciate the effort.

But some films went much further than this with their DVD extras. Much, much further. Between hidden musicals, hilarious treats, and cruel pranks, many films have such insane bonus features that it almost makes you wish that DVDs were still a huge thing.

10. An Extra Musical - Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

All Good Things
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Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog follows the trend of musicals having people sing where they shouldn't with a determined focus. So much focus, in fact, that even its DVD commentary track is entirely comprised of songs.

Named "Commentary! The Musical", this feature contains an extra whopping fourteen songs, which range from actually discussing the film itself, to just being the most meta creations music has possibly ever seen.

There's something so delightful about the fact that this was slid into DVD copies without much fuss. The idea of someone, having watched the film, idly slipping on the commentary tract only to find a full extra musical is both surreal and delightful. When you think about the amount of time it must have taken, it's absolutely insane that everyone opted to go the extra mile to create something that only those who browsed extra features would enjoy.

Nowadays, you can buy a copy of Commentary! The Musical itself. It really says something about the level of work put into the film that even its commentary is impressive as an entity all on its own.


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