10 Times DVD Extras Lost Their Mind

9. An Optional Drinking Game - Wild Zero

All Good Things
Dragon Pictures

Wild Zero is a criminally underrated zombie flick. It's over the top, it includes a rock band, and contains more explosions than you could have ever dreamt of in one film.

It's also especially cool for one unique feature: an in-built drinking game. Enable this in the DVD menu, and every time one of the Wild Zero drinking rules is broken - because, say, an explosion happens - a little beer mug appears in the corner of the screen, helpfully reminding you to take a quick swig.

It's a surprisingly helpful feature, as you get to avoid the part of a drinking game where drinking makes you forget the rules of the game, and thus when to drink.

It also perfectly fits the tone of the film, as this is entirely the sort of thing you're supposed to watch with a few friends, and a couple nice beverages in tow.

It's not perfect - not by a long shot - but that isn't a civic crime when the film insists you drink every time someone combs their hair (which they do at every given opportunity).


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