10 Times “Good” Characters Gave Being Evil A Try

9. Bucky Barnes

Jason Todd Red Hood
Marvel Comics/Chris Samnee

Bucky Barnes began as the little kid sidekick to Captain America during World War II, a time when it seemed appropriate to team a superhero with a child for some reason.

Following the war, Bucky remained dead as far as anyone knew, but was actually picked up and taken to Moscow by the Soviets. He woke up with amnesia so the Soviet scientists hooked him up with a bionic arm, trained him as the Winter Soldier, and sent him on his way.

He was programmed as an assassin for the Soviet Union and went about executing whoever he was told to kill. In the MCU, he tracked down and killed Tony Stark's parents, which is something Tony was somewhat upset about. Granted, he didn’t know who he was and he was operating under the orders of his benefactors, but evil is as evil does and all that.

Eventually, Barnes meets up with Captain America, which helps to jog his memory. Once he realized who he was and what he had done, the regret nearly kills him so he takes off for a while. Eventually, he comes around and fights the good fight, but Bucky never forgave himself for his actions as the Winter Soldier.


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