10 Times James Bond Should Have Been Killed

Live and let almost die but then escape, more like.


Has there been a lucky character in history than James Bond? His ability to consistently avoid death is remarkable, and that's not taking into account how he seemingly never ages and is the fittest looking 90 year old the world has ever seen.

This list instead looks at those times where Agent 007 just should have died and only survived for the most ridiculous of reasons. While the use of gadgets and his own ingenuity are valid ways of staying alive, there are more than a few occasions when the suspension of disbelief just gets pushed a little too far.

For the purposes of this list we are happy to overlook those occasions where his body was remarkably resilient, such as surviving falls into a waterfall or off a hot air balloon. Instead we are concentrating on those times where the achievement of the villain's goals are all but achieved with the elimination of their adversary, only for them to unnecessarily delay his execution. On most occasions a ludicrously convoluted execution method is also concocted that is all but guaranteed to backfire.

So park your Aston Martins and shake but don't stir those martinis, as we examine those times Bond's number clearly should have been up.


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