10 Times Less Was Definitely More In Movies

From Jaws to Batman, these movies prove that you don't need to go overboard to wow your audience.

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It seems that these days every movie is falling over themselves to give their audiences more. More explosions. More death. More big-name actors to stick on the poster and show in the trailer. The summer blockbusters that come out every year seem to be swimming in excess, whether it actually makes the final product better or not.

But there are some movies that know a good story is the most important thing. That you don’t need to dazzle the audience with flashy superhero fights or death-defying stunts in order to hold their attention. More often than not, the best movies, the ones that stay with you, are the ones that don’t give you everything all at once. They hold back and end up giving you far more than they would have otherwise.

The movies on this list know that sometimes, with just a little suggestion, the audience can fill in the gaps far better than they ever could.


10. Batman (1989) - The Joker's Transformation

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It’s one of the most intense debates among comic book fans. Which actor has given the best performance as the Clown Prince of Crime on the big screen?

Are you partial to Mark Hamill or is Heath Ledger more your speed?

For many, the definitive Joker portrayal is none other than Jack Nicholson’s take on the character in 1989. And one of the things that makes vile gangster Jack Napier’s transformation into Batman’s arch-nemesis so chilling is the way that director Tim Burton chooses not to show him to us right away.

After being pushed into a vat of chemicals by Batman, Napier is fixed up by a surgeon who shakily gives him a mirror so he can see his new appearance. But we only see the horror in silhouette and hear the Joker’s insane laughter as he smashes the mirror. We don’t fully see his new scarred face until the next scene where he guns down his old boss in a fit of laughter.

Holding off on giving us the full picture makes this perhaps the best reveal of the famous character ever put on screen.


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