10 Times The MCU Betrayed Your Trust

When Marvel Studios wrote checks its movies couldn't cash.

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26 movies and 13 years in, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest movie franchise in the world. It's unprecedented success as a shared universe has allowed such longevity, and fans keep coming back for more with every release.

Along with box office success, the MCU has also built itself a reputation for producing top quality movies, and even with a Hollywood landscape so saturated with superhero films, it still stands out as the best in the business. Over the years, this reputation has built up a level of trust with fans.

One of the best examples of this is the Fantastic Four. After two big screen iterations, one average and one shockingly bad, there is no question in the mind of fans that Marvel Studios will do these characters justice. This kind of trust has been built up over many years, however that isn't to say that the road has been completely smooth.

There have been moments throughout the last 13 years where the MCU has broken that trust. Moments have been teased, and expectations set, but when it came to it, the payoff was either none existent, not worth the wait, or down right insulting.

10. Inhumans (Marvel's Inhumans)

nick Fury captain marvel

Way back in 2014, when Kevin Feige outlined the schedule for the MCU’s third phase, there was one movie on the slate that never saw the light of day. Inhumans was originally supposed to release in 2018, between the then two parts of Infinity War, but other films unfortunately took precedence over it.

Phase Three was added to with the likes of Spider-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, which saw Inhumans pushed back and pushed back, before eventually being removed from the line up altogether. This is understandable, given the properties Marvel brought in instead, however it is what fans were ultimately given in terms of an Inhumans story that was insulting.

Inhumans were a big part of Agents of SHIELD, but in 2017 they were finally given their own property, a series on ABC. Following the Inhuman royal family of Black Bolt, Medusa, Maximus and co., this should have done justice to these great characters from the comics like a movie, in theory, would have.

However, this was not the case. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has rarely ever missed the mark, and never before or since like this. Inhumans was soulless, completely devoid of charm or humour, and was damn near unwatchable. To get our hopes up with the promise of a movie only to give us this was tough to take.


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