10 Times The Movie Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight

2. Inspector Frank Butterman - Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz Jim Broadbent

This is another case of casting playing a major part in hiding a villain under the audience's nose, this time in Edgar Wright's fantastic action-comedy Hot Fuzz.

The brilliant Jim Broadbent, who has a knack for playing kindly, harmless characters, is cast as Inspector Frank Butterman, and seemingly true to form, he appears to be as mild-mannered and thoroughly decent as you'd expect from the actor.

Except, it's eventually revealed that Butterman is the mastermind behind all the grisly, over-the-top murders in Sandford, the head of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance (NWA) who ordered the killings of various people who threatened Sandford's likelihood of winning the coveted Village of the Year award.

Though it initially seems like supermarket manager Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton) will be the man at the top, that's really just a clever misdirect - though Skinner's certainly involved in the killings - to steer attention away from Butterman.

It works perfectly, and we get a rare glimpse at the lovable Broadbent playing a real piece of work in the process.

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