10 Times They Were Worried What Movies Would Do To You

9. The Antics Of Trainspotting Would Create A Generation Of Drug Addicts

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One of the great movies of the '90s and an all-round classic of British filmmaking, period, the subject matter of Danny Boyle's Trainspotting caused plentiful controversary before, during and after the picture's February 1996 release.

Of course, that subject matter is drugs. In particular, it's heroin that so often takes centre-stage in Boyle's adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel of the same name.

Several countries across the globe - including the UK and the USA - took umbrage with how Trainspotting purportedly glamourised drug taking and drug culture. Despite admitting to not having seen the film, US Senator Bob Dole even used the '96 Presidential Campaign to lambast Trainspotting.

The worry was that those watching this Ewan McGregor-headlined offering would be inclined to stick a needle in their arm and become heroin addicts. In reality, Trainspotting gave a glimpse at the extreme highs and tragic lows of drug addiction. Yes, there were smiles, jokes and an absolutely banging soundtrack, but there was also the spotlighting of the trauma and death that can accompany such habits.

Coming out of watching Trainspotting for the first time, it's likely fair to say that nobody was suddenly convinced to start taking drugs who hadn't already had that idea in the first place.


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