10 Times You Totally Thought Horror Movie Characters Were Dead (But They Weren't)

8. Brenda Bates - Urban Legend

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This list will generally avoid horror movie villains because it's just so damn expected that they'll avert death for the sequel, but in the case of Urban Legend's Brenda Bates (Rebecca Gayheart), we'll make an exception.

After all, she's not a supernatural antagonist like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, and there wasn't really any indication that the film was angling to set up a glut of sequels.

And in the finale, Brenda certainly seems to be deader than dead, after she's shot, falls out of a window, and in her last ditch attempt to kill the remaining survivors, is ejected through their car windshield and falls a solid 30 feet into the river below.

Given that Urban Legend felt very much like a one-and-done movie, that appeared to be the end of Brenda, until the final scene a few minutes later reveals that she inexplicably survived and has started up her killing spree again at another university.

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