10 Times You Totally Thought Horror Movie Characters Were Dead (But They Weren't)

7. Sherman "Preacher" Dudley - Deep Blue Sea

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One of Deep Blue Sea's most memorable moments sees badass cook Sherman "Preacher" Dudley (LL Cool J) appear to lay down his life in order to obliterate one of the genetically engineered sharks roaming throughout the remote underwater facility.

Preacher faces off against the shark that ate his pet parrot, and in an act of self-sacrificing revenge, throws a lighter into the nearby oven, triggering an explosion which apparently obliterates both the shark and Preacher.

But about 10 minutes later, we see Preacher re-appear largely unscathed in a moment of tremendous levity.

Admittedly if you think rationally about it for a moment, it was probably a stretch for the movie to kill its only two Black characters off within three minutes of each other, given that Samuel L. Jackson's Russell Franklin famously bites it in the very next scene.

Still, director Renny Harlin plays Preacher's demise totally straight, ensuring his surprise return is a genuinely euphoric, fist-pumping moment.

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