10 Times You Wanted Things From Movies (THAT DIDN'T ACTUALLY EXIST)

Ben & Jerry's missed a trick with those Avengers flavours, man...

Avengers Ice Cream
Marvel Studios

There's simply no getting away from the fact that the vast majority of big-money blockbusters or hotly anticipated chunks of horror, drama, or comedy that land on the cinema screen are largely designed with the main aim to bring home a boat-load of dollar in mind.

They don't call it a movie business for nothing, folks.

And with the overall goal often being to make as much cash as humanly possible out of everything from the latest superhero epic to the next big scary smash hit, it's not exactly uncommon to find a great many of the intriguing in-universe items, tools, food, clothing, or toys eventually taking up a place in a store near you as studios aim to squeeze every last penny out of their audience.

However, despite it often feeling as though absolutely every single element beamed onto the big-screen in a big-budget or unexpected hit will inevitably become a marketable commodity before, during, or in the immediate aftermath of a popular film's release, the following items acted as some rather notable and sometimes frustrating exceptions.

Can't-miss tie-in ice cream flavours, film-accurate real-life playthings, and effortlessly cool futuristic tools, just about every soul alive wanted to get their mitts on these awesome cinematic items... it's just a shame they never actually existed outside of the worlds of talking toys, big green heroes, and space wizards, eh.

10. A Pizza Planet Experience (Toy Story)

Avengers Ice Cream

From the second Pixar unleashed the first-ever adventure featuring the soon-to-be iconic Woody, Buzz and the rest of Andy's toys in theatres all around the world, it was plain to see that Disney were set to rake in more money than they knew what to do with based on figurines and various tie-in toys alone.

But it wasn't just the must-have central playthings many a child found themselves wishing they could get their hands on in real-life.

Buzz and Woody's mission to reconnect with Andy sees the starring pair ultimately end up wandering around what would ultimately become one of the franchise's most recognisable features in the form of Chuck E. Cheese parody Pizza Planet.

In reality, though, had Disney decided to genuinely invest some time, care, and money into forging a legit Pizza Planet chain for fans to explore for realsies post-Toy Story - much-like Forrest Gump's Bubba Gump Shrimp chain, for example - the House of Mouse could've simultaneously made even more dollar whilst also fulfilling the dreams of hungry tykes and adults the world over.

Sure, Disney World and Disneyland have both played host to their own mediocre versions of the memorable restaurant over the years. But Disney are still yet to fully double-down on everything from the arcade to the unmistakable takeaway cars outside of their theme parks, leaving all kinds of money on the table in the process!


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