10 Tiny Movie Details That Give Away Character Secrets

Right under your nose.

The very best movie characters are filled with hidden depths, such that just when you think you have them figured out, a repeat viewing unveils yet another layer of complexity to their persona.

And while most movies like to understandably play their character development big, broad, and easily understood, sometimes filmmakers dare to trust audiences enough to pick up on incredible hidden subtleties themselves.

But then there are those films which hide their meaty character work underneath layers of subtext, or brilliantly leave them in such close proximity to the audience that they actually gloss over them entirely.

Each of these 10 movie characters are defined by their shocking secrets, but they're secrets which ultra-attentive viewers actually could've uncovered a good while before their jaw-dropping reveal.

Granted, you'd require supernatural powers of observation to notice these tiny details and link them to the subsequent big reveal, but everything you needed to figure it out was nevertheless there waiting to be discovered.

If you did pick up on any of these hints yourself, take a bow...

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