10 Tiny Star Trek Details You Might Have Missed The First Time

If you ever doubted that Star Trek paid attention to detail, then you can put those doubts aside.

Star Trek The Next Generation
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The sheer attention to detail that Star Trek often pays is frankly bonkers. With thanks to Reddit user Ecrispy, taking a closer look at the various scenes in Star Trek definitely turns up a trick or two that, at first glance, may not have been so immediately noticeable.

This user begins by pointing out that in Yesterday's Enterprise, the Enterprise-D is not just darker in terms of its lighting, but also in terms of its crew. Every single one of them is constantly armed, something that isn't the norm in all of the other episodes of the Next Generation.

So, taking a magnifying glass to the different scenes of Star Trek, the article has done the hard work so that you don't have to. Whether it's holiday destinations advertised on the communication screens of the promenade, or famous names included at pivotal moments in the franchise's history, there are so many little nods and tips of the hat that can often be easily overlooked.

Give these filmmakers some credit. Not all of them are Spielberg or Scott, but that doesn't mean that they don't know what they're doing.

10. Enterprise Shuttlepod Cameo - Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek The Next Generation

The Kelvin Universe came into existence roughly around 30 years before the events of Star Trek Beyond, before which there was only the Prime Timeline. That means that history was a single line, rather than two parallel lines, up to this point. The events of Star Trek: Enterprise are therefore canon in both.

There had been several allusions to Enterprise across the trilogy, including Archer's name being dropped in Star Trek 09, Enterprise appearing as a model in Into Darkness, and the MACO unit on the screens in Beyond.

However, when Kirk is reviewing a video from the USS Franklin, there is a family ship that appears on the viewscreen as historical footage plays. Immediately before the group of MACOs are shown, in Enterprise-period uniforms as well, a Shuttlepod identical to those found on the NX-class vessel descends into view.

While the Kelvin films follow a drastically different aesthetic to the Prime timeline once Nero has arrived, this small visual reminder was left in for the audience to know that yes, Enterprise is the glue that holds these two facets of the franchise together, no matter how different they ended up becoming.

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