10 Top Actors Who Turned Down Prestigious Awards

Not everyone dreams of receiving these honours.

Paramount Pictures

The higher end of the acting and filmmaking industry has an overwhelming sense of prestige. Filled with an alluring display of grand ceremonies, red carpets and lavish parties. The goal of the majority of actors is to reach this top echelon of the business, and one of the most notable methods is to be granted a prestigious award.

Whether they be trophies or political adorations, there are plenty of highly regarded achievements for an actor to aim for. Many spend their entire lives striving to attain these goals and don't manage to succeed. However, on the other side of the spectrum are those who do successfully receive these honours, but choose to reject them anyway.

There are plenty of reasons as to why someone would turn down an opportunity no matter how generous it is. Within the film and TV world there have been some very notable instances of this happening. Despite being at a position within the top brass of the landscape, these actors felt that they did not want or deserve the accolades that they were offered and turned them down.


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