10 Top Actors Who Turned Down Prestigious Awards

9. Peter Capaldi Rejects An OBE

The rather quirky and peculiar Peter Capaldi may have a doctorate in time travel, but he won't ever gain the honour of a knighthood.

The Doctor Who and Thick of It star has made a significant career out of his signature Scottish accent and incredible versatility. Thanks to the excessive contribution he has made to the British film and television industry he seems like a sure-fire bet for receiving honours.

However, it appears that this is not something the actor has any interest in. When questioned during a press conference about why he turned down an OBE, Capaldi talked about how the idea 'isn't really his thing' and quickly began to evade the question.

He has not discussed the matter in full detail. But the information we can attain from this statement tells us all that we need to know. The actor clearly has no desire in being granted a title, as it simply does not hold value to him.

It's impressive to see another professional who does not fixate on these kinds of matters and purely cares about the industry itself.


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