10 Totally Awful "Comedies" With One Hilarious Scene

Dumb and Dumberer It's easy to write a comedy movie off when you haven't laughed a single time and the movie is half-way done, but every so often, an otherwise terrible comedy will surprise us with an unexpectedly hilarious scene, one that seems to emerge out of nowhere before we are returned to the laughless mediocrity of what came before. Though these scenes provide light relief from the awfulness, they also muster a certain frustration, causing us to wonder - who the Hell wrote this scene, and why haven't they written more of the movie? Of course, more often than not these scenes work because of the actor playing the part and their brilliant delivery, a talented performer the film no doubt didn't deserve to have. Here are 10 totally awful "comedies" with one hilarious scene...

10. Terry Crews Singing - White Chicks

White Chicks Among the most convincing proof that Terry Crewes can improve anything he appears in, White Chicks has him playing Latrell Spencer, a wealthy businessman who, shall we say, prefers "white meat", causing him to take a liking to Tiffany, who is actually Marcus (Marlon Wayans), a black FBI officer in whiteface disguise. The best scene occurs when Latrell is in the car with "Tiffany" and Vanessa Carlton's 1000 Miles begins playing, causing Crews to launch into a strangely spirited - and frankly, not half bad - rendition, complete with a series of head shakes and moves that only add to the hilarity. Aside from this, the movie is an utterly braindead, tacky, tasteless "comedy" that fails to distinguish itself beyond the inherent strangeness of its "whiteface" gimmick.

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