10 Totally Insane Foreign Movie Posters You Won't Believe Exist


In this day and age, it's truly rare to glimpse a movie poster that doesn't look like a four-year old put in most of the work. It wasn't always like that, though: peer back through history and see how wonderfully creative posters used to be. Because today's movie posters seem to have been mocked up in a couple of hours on a whim. Superimpose the actor's head onto a body that may or may not be theirs... add some fire or an explosion... and, yep, you're totally done, let's get drunk. Whereas poster design seems to have gone a little bit stale in this part of the world, there are other countries who have always looked at the idea of crafting a movie poster as a chance to express themselves in truly bizarre ways. Check out the posters we've assembled here, all of which were genuinely used to market some of the most famous movies of all-time in foreign lands. Notice how weird and abstract most of these things are, and how not a single one features any of the actors who actually appear in the movies. Insane? Perhaps. Better than the bland dreck we've all had to get used to in the last decade or so? Absolutely. In fact, you might even consider that some of these posters are genuine works of artistry. Some.
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