10 Truly Awful Movies That Made Obscene Amounts Of Money

Shame on all of us. We only have ourselves to blame for these success stories.

Apart from box office numbers, the home video market is almost as important when it comes to a movie's financial success. Despite physical copies becoming an increasingly less important part of this market, recent advances in technology allow movies to be downloaded or streamed to multiple devices, opening up a revenue stream that was non-existent ten years ago. Multi-billion dollar hits including Avatar and The Avengers become even more lucrative when available for general consumption, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in further revenue. Of course, the theatrical gross still remains the priority. Sadly, in today's Hollywood the best movies very rarely make the most money. Studios are increasingly relying on established franchises and recognizable brands to maximize revenue, simply because it is much easier to market something to a mass audience that is already aware of the product. It is for this exact reason that only 6 of the top 50 highest-grossing movies of all time are original properties. This got me thinking about the almost omnipotent power of the marketing machine, and how even bad movies can turn a huge profit if marketed correctly. This article will take a look at ten bad movies that still managed to earn a lot of money, despite widespread critical disdain. Unsurprisingly, it is a list populated by sequels, adaptations and big-name movie stars. Some are expensive blockbusters, others are mid-budget genre pics, but all managed to earn big bucks both theatrically and on home video. Despite coming from all ends of the spectrum, they have one thing in common; they are all terrible. Do you agree with the movies on the list? Are there any other high-earning bad movies that you would have included? As always sign of in the comments below.

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