10 Truly Awful Movies That Made Obscene Amounts Of Money

10. The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)

Budget: $145m Total Box Office: $401.1m US Home Video Sales: $43.6m Seven years after The Mummy Returns the franchise was resurrected once again, this time with Rob Cohen behind the camera. Why he was handed the reins of another big budget blockbuster after the debacle that was Stealth is anybody's guess, and he certainly didn't acquit himself well with this loud, stupid and often crushingly dull threequel. As well as Jet Li's titular Dragon Emperor, the movie also features poorly-rendered terracotta warriors and even abominable snowmen because why not? Brendan Fraser and John Hannah repeat their familiar schtick while making it less entertaining, with franchise newcomer Luke Ford proving himself to be a thoroughly wooden actor. Even the usually-reliable Maria Bello and Michelle Yeoh fail to appear anything other than bored. A couple of decent action beats and typically solid Jet Li fight scenes, but not much else to recommend. Opening to a $40.1m domestic debut, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor became the lowest-grossing entry in the franchise at the US box office and just squeaked past $100m. The increasing importance of the international market saw it become the biggest hit overseas yet, earning nearly $300m, but that still wasn't enough to stop it becoming the lowest-grossing installment in the decade-old franchise. A strong performance on home video in the US saw the movie sell almost 2.5m copies , with international sales pushing the final takings to nearer $500m.

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