10 Truly Awful Superhero Movie & TV Love Interests

Love conquers all, but God, at what cost?

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For some reason, it's really important for a lot of superhero films to give the main protagonist a love interest. To be fair to the genre, this is very common in most films, where producers seem to feel like they won't be engaging without a bit of romance. In addition, for the most part they're staying true to the original source material, where every superhero had to have a love interest, because what's a male fantasy without a beautiful women to follow them around like a puppy dog?

At any rate, having a lady friend seems to be pretty much a requirement for superheroes in their film adaptations. But it's not necessarily a choice that always gels well with the general tenor of the film.

And the female characters are put in this really tough position, where they either can't live up to the popularity of the original character from the comic books and automatically pale in comparison, or they're purposefully written to be so unobtrusive to not interfere with the action elements that they basically just come off as wallpaper.

To be sure, when the love interests are done well and are properly integrated into the rest of the film, it can really elevate the material. But more often then not, they're stuck in an awkward holding pattern where a lot can go write, characterization wise.

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