10 Truly Disturbing Behind-The-Scenes Movie Facts

8. Candyman's Bees Were All Real

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1992's supernatural horror Candyman was a uncommonly high quality slasher with an intriguing and socially conscious premise that launched Tony Todd's career as a horror icon.

His understated and intense portrayal of the titular villain earned him praise and recognition. He went on to appear in two Candyman sequels and all five Final Destination movies, among numerous other petrifying projects which established him as a regular staple in the horror canon. His ascent to horror fame was no easy journey, however, and he certainly paid his dues while filming Candyman.

Tony Todd had to have actual live bees placed in his mouth in order to shoot one scene. He had to use a mouth guard to stop any of them from going down his throat.

Todd was compensated, at least, as he worked a deal into his contract wherein he would receive a $1000 dollar bonus for every sting he sustained, a number that eventually amounted to 23.


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