10 Truly Disturbing Behind-The-Scenes Movie Facts

7. Brandon Lee Was Killed By An Accidental Gunshot On Set Of The Crow

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It seemed like an inevitability that Brandon Lee would enter the world of martial arts movies given that he was the only son of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Brandon made his film debut in Kung Fu: The Movie opposite David Carradine in 1986. He went to appear in movies such as Showdown in Little Tokyo, Rapid Fire and Legacy of Rage.

None of his cinematic endeavours achieved significant commercial or critical success until he landed the lead part in 1994's The Crow, which would turn out to be his breakout role. Lee died tragically before the filming was complete, however, due to a defective blank round that was used while shooting a scene.

The prop gun used dummy rounds, which shoot bullets with no explosion, and blank rounds, which have a live powder charge and thus an explosion. The gun malfunctioned while filming and a dummy round was fired with an explosive charge, which is akin to a real gunshot.

Lee was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead six hours later at age 28. They finished shooting without Lee and dedicated the film to him and his fiancée.

It was released in May of 1994 to positive reviews and financial success.


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