10 Truly Hateful Movie Characters Who Made Your Skin Crawl

Those infamous movie guys and gals that you love to hate.

When was the last time you looked up at a cinema screen, and saw someone you hated so much that it threatened to push your blood pressure off the charts? The sort of character that made you clench, squirm and scowl profusely in your seat? There are two main reasons for hating a movie character. One - they are badly drawn, poorly written, and ineptly portrayed. Or two - because you're supposed to hate them. Listed here are some of the best examples from the latter category; characters not abhorrently designed, but designed to be abhorrent. Many of the most captivating performances in film have come from wonderful performers playing truly hateful men and women €“ characters so horrid that they make your skin crawl and your blood boil every time you see them. They're simply impossible to forget. Villains and bad guys are often more memorable than heroes in the movies, as they're inherently more interesting and able to provoke a stronger emotional reaction from the viewer. There are plenty of candidates, but coming up are some great examples of characters that audiences simply love to hate; characters that will live forever in Hollywood history thanks to their sheer loathsomeness.


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